Next Event – Saturday, August 10, 2013 in Sandy, Utah

Join us for this amazing summit where you will learn from Authors, Publisher, Editors, and Promoters!writing a book

You will learn the “how-to” of writing, getting published, self publishing, and so much more!  Go to Aspiring Authors Tickets to register

In the afternoon you will experience a live question and answer session with a panel of professionals. Following the panel, you will have two hours to personally meet authors, publishers, editors and promoters and ask them the questions you still have unanswered.

This summit is for all ages, including teens, and writers of all genres. A diverse panel of professionals will be present.

We are ecstatic to announce our Grand Prize!!
This Grand Prize Drawing – worth $10,000 — is for attendees of Aspiring Author’s Summit ONLY!
The Aspiring Author’s Summit Grand Prize Winner will have the amazing opportunity to work One-On-One with #1 National Bestselling Author and Aspiring Author Keynote Speaker, M. Bridget Cook! Learn to inspire your inner writer firsthand as you spend your Power Day with her and discover why this author’s transformational work has been on Oprah, Dr. Phil, NPR, CNN, Good Morning America, and in People Magazine! You will find out why her life-changing stories have been published in many languages and different countries around the globe. As you work with Bridget, whether in fiction or non-fiction, you’ll discover how to put your unique voice on paper, and what it could mean to inspire the world with your story!

Bridget is inviting the winner to participate for FREE in her Inspired Legacy Method, a six-week course in intensive, transformational writing of your life story! The elements of this workshop will lay the groundwork for your then super-intensive one-on-one, seven-hour session and lunch with this legendary author.

Sign up today for your chance to win this amazing Grand Prize – and inspire the way you write… forever!

Don’t miss it!


M. Bridget Cook: Keynote: Magic and Miracle of Writing Your Book ON Purpose
Transformational Author & Speaker (Best Selling Author)

Diane Lefrandt – Power Up Your Platform
Owner of 3D PR Communications

Diane is giving away 2 of her courses, Media Pitching Secrets!!  You must be there when she gives them away at 9:40 a.m.  Learn  how to pitch your book to the media for exposure! The value of this course is $147.00; be there for your chance to win! Visit for more information on her giveaway!

Jennifer Griffiths Manges:  The Realities of Self Publishing on a Shoestring Budget and Overcoming Fear.
Author, Speaker & Ms. Utah Continental 2011

Michael James Fitzgerald: Writing a Book in 24 Hours
Author, Manager of English Editing Dept

Shanna Beaman:  Self publishing on Amazon/CreateSpace 
Author, Trainer, Success Strategist


All Speakers
Angela Eschler, Editor, Owner of Eschler Editing,
Diane Lefrandt, PR Expert, Owner of 3D PR Communications
Jennifer Adams, King’s English Bookshop
Rod, Cedar Fort Publishing 

Participating Authors:

Jennifer Greyson Rasmussen
Sarah Hart
Kerry Fowers
Shawna Draper

 Authors will have their books available for purchase!


Go to the ticket tab or Aspiring Authors Tickets to register

August 10, 2013
8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m
SLCC Larry H. Miller Campus Auditorium
9750 S 300 W
Sandy, UT 84070

5 thoughts on “Next Event – Saturday, August 10, 2013 in Sandy, Utah

  1. Shawna Draper

    I am looking forward to meeting other authors and aspiring authors. I will have a table display with my books to sell for anyone intersted. I have written three books, “My Tears Fall Inside,” “The Silent Cries,” and “Hear My Cry: Writings From My Soul.” The first two tell my story of healing from a life of horrible childhood abuse and focuses on the many heroes that came into my life to carry me through that healing process. Though my abuse was satanic ritual abuse, the horrible details of the abuse have been omitted and there is nothing in the books that is worse than what one might hear on the news. The books are full of inspiration and hope. The third book, “Hear My Cry: Writings From My Soul” is a companion book to the other two and is the gut level poetic writings which were written during the healing process. Since all people experience pain and heartache in their lives, people who have read this book frequently find a poem which puts into words what they have been unable to express. I hear phrases like, “This poem was written just for me!”

  2. Allan Dubon

    Loved this wonderfully inspiring conference. I have recommended it to all of my friends. I will be attending the next one. Thank you for providing such a high caliber conference at such an affordable price. I learned so many things. Your panel was fantastic.

  3. Jean Brimley

    Thank you for this wonderful day. Truly, my brain is on over-load due to mountains of information and I am totally overwhelmed tonight. Hopefully the notes I took will make sense tomorrow. In the mean time I want you to know how impressed I am with the quality of each of the presenters. You each did yourselves proud!
    Gratefully and Sincerely
    Jean Brimley

  4. Debi Aguirre

    Hey Bridget whom I honor and love with ALL my heart!!! There was a lady with a cute English accent that wants to talk to you about learning how to publish her book. I staffed her Impact stuff, and she was at The Capital, and The Gateway with us on Valentines. I promised her I would get your info to her. I did send her a flyer/email that had your contact info. But I’m passing along her email to you… Her name is Diana Holland :). P.S. Yesterday healed my heart, and filled it all up. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it. It was simply heavenly. Love you

  5. Michelle Jefferies

    I saw the posts for the summit months ago and then didn’t think about it again. My bad. I was wondering if you are still in need of authors for classes or panels. I am a technical suspense author for Walnut Springs Press. My book EMERGENCE was released Oct. 31. I’d love to help out.


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